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Each Motion Marine boat is uniquely built. This means that each hull is formed and welded by one team of artisans, then rigged and finished by another team of artisans. Our completely aluminum welded boats are born from Northwest white water and are a culmination of thirty years boat building experience.

Our exclusive hull design puts the boat on step (up out of the water and on plane) within less than one boat length, and makes it handle with the precision of a race car with no cavitation or slip. Motion Marine boats have NO products or components that rot, rust, deteriorate or absorb water. We use the finest quality materials and components in each boat, and create an electrically balanced vessel that minimizes electrolysis and attracts fish.

Motion Marine is the king of innovators in the aluminum boat industry. One of our most popular and exclusive innovations is the "Outback" design, which moves the inboard motor box "out back" onto the swim deck. How does this design affect performance? It enhances it!

Not only does Motion Marine build quality custom aluminum boats, we also run the best repair and custom fabrication facility in the Pacific Northwest. Our reputation is so sound in the industry that other boat manufacturers and dealers use us to repair their customers' aluminum boats. We also do custom retro-fitting, from hard tops to kicker brackets, gas tanks to dents.

At Motion Marine we treat boat building as an art. This contributes to quality and what we like to refer to as "a lifetime boat". To find out more about each of our models, click the links provided on the left side of the page. To find out more about Motion Marine and related services, click the links provided at the top or bottom of the page.

Of course, just reading and looking at pictures gives you only a limited idea of the quality of our boats. Seeing and driving one of our boats is truly the test of the Motion Marine difference. We invite you to do just that!

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