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Available Now

Let us turn your old Jet Ski or PWC into your Dream Boat!
A 650cc Kawasaki Jet Ski Pump pushes Lil’ Mo around 35mph and is capable of getting 4 people on plane.


Hull:    12' overall 13'
Bottom:    5' Wide-6° Straight or Delta V- .125 5052 Alloy
Sides:    23" High- 4" Gunwale Width - .100 5052 Alloy
Transom:    4" Wide- .125 5052 Alloy

6°V Standard Features

Transducer Bracket
3 - Cleats
1 - Double Bow V eye
All Heavy Guage Alum. NO WOOD PRODUCTS
Advanced Chine and Strake Technology on Bottom, for Quicker Planning, MORE Speed
Straight Tracking, Less Wake
Under Floor Drain System, NO Trapped Water
2 - Transom Eyes
Isolated Stainless Steel Hardware for Galvanic Corrosion Control
Full Foam Filled Hull for Noise Reduction
.125 Diamond Plate Floors, Sealed w. Asphult Emulsion & Urethane, NO Wet Foam
6" Full Length Side Trays
Diamond Plate Front Gunwale & Bow Cover
1 - NAV Seat & Swivel

Optional Equipment

LiL' MoJet - Options and Pricing

Starting at $6,999 you get a 700-Pound 12’ x 5’ x 23” Lil’ MoJet

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