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The Outback, an exclusive design by Motion Marine, is a step ahead when you talk about performance and space. This technology was developed in 1999 by Motion Marine and ProMotion Fishing Product's creator, Mark Oldenstadt, who believes in quality and innovation. The Outback design is an option that nine out of ten Motion Marine boat owners choose when selecting their boats.

The Outback feature moves the inboard motor box from inside of the boat to outside of the boat on an extended swim deck. What is so shocking about this feature is the amount of space that is made free inside of the boat for fishing and boating enjoyment.

You may ask, "So how does the Outback affect performance?"

It increases it! By moving the motor back further, the change in the center of gravity places the intake in better water, making for no cavitation and more speed even in rough or white water. It takes less power to attain more speed. Moving the motor back also increases control and maneuverability.

Side benefits from the Outback design besides making more room inside the boat, are that there is less noise and an unobstructed view. Motion Marine Outback owners have found that this configuration coupled with the Mercury SportJet gives them greater fuel economy because the inboard pump is more efficient than an outboard pump.

The Outback is available with the efficient, economical and light-weight Mercury SportJet or outboard. However the power choices are many: from 175-250 hp, 2-cycle or the Optimax "clean burn technology" compatible with California emission laws. Besides being a superb motor, the SportJet is a true marine engine, is designed for salt water and requires less maintenance than a V-8. The Outback design includes the same quality features as all Motion Marine boat designs. Being 100% aluminum and all welded gives these boats high durability and light weight, while the exclusive truss floor system with integral welded features (bulkheads, storage areas) gives them top marks for strength. All Motion boats are electrically balanced with isolated stainless steel fasteners. Electrical power is delivered with a 2-wire system which is not grounded to the hull. (Hull grounding and different metals touching create a current that repels fish.)

Performance is delivered by Motion's hull design that was developed over 25 years running white water in Hell's Canyon and rough Pacific ocean currents. The multiple planing strakes and reverse chines lift the boat up and on plane within the first few seconds of start-up. The 14 degree marine alloy hull with its large delta pad is capable of negotiating most any water with no chop or slip. Finished with industrial powder coated color(Mojet) or 3-M technology finishes, make the boats both durable and beautiful.

Dollar for dollar Motion Marine boats are a fine investment with high resale value. Motion backs up this promise with its limited lifetime hull warranty.

No fishing boat is complete without the tools and toys of the sport. ProMotion Fishing Products was a logical spin-off from Motion Marine, providing quality accessories developed by outdoorsmen. They can be purchased in more than 69 western retail locations as well as online at

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